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The terminology of graphic art in the Spanish legislation (Spanish)

In Spanish legislation uses the lexicon of graphic art in a contradictory manner, detecting semantic inaccuracies and inappropriate uses that may affect the intermpretación of laws and their behavior

Print media and reporters


Graphic Desing history

eview of the history of graphic design, from its "birth" to the current use.

Technical Glossary of Printing Industry

Manual que nos acerca a la industia gráfica y sus procedimiento técnicos

Composition and manufacture of inks

A tour of the compositions of inks applied to technical distints

The color wheel


Transfer procedures in the artistic creation

Write by: José R. Alcalá y Jesús Pastor

Graphic art and language

Javier Blas
José Manuel Matilla

Calcografía Nacional
Real Academía de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

Graphic History of advertising

Brief review of the origins of the advertising and graphics.

Graphics-Printing Process - (portuguese)

Processes applied to the bound edition print.

Graphic techniques Manual (Spanish)

Full manual around the world of graphic techniques and possibilities. Martin Riat
their website: http://www.riat-serra.org/index.html