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Aproximaciones al libro-arte como medio de expresión ***spanish***

After dealing with a possible definition of a book clarifying the differences between the treated from the field of art and graphic design, this makes communication a brief historical review of the book conceptual art from its previous largest (philosophy, art movements, artists, etc.) to use in artcontemporary.

Artist book an alternative

The whole art of the twentieth century reflects the struggle to broaden the concept of a work of art. And there
doubt that artistic expression in book form is included in one of his conquests
paramount in the artist's book called, as pointed out by Robert C. Morgan, is not
an art book or a book to be read.

Formal aspects of the artist's book

A quick look at this exhibition to show that it is a question not easy, there is an immense variety, both in form and content within the media. While some books contain only words and some only illustrations, most combine the two. Materials easier, cheaper and, consequently, ephemeral, certain volumes, provide a telling contrast to the luxurious thick paper and bindings more expensive works, thoughtful and sustainable. The content has a range that goes from
erotic philosophical, sociological than personal, from the serious to the whimsical.

The engraving in Bibliophile mede in Madrid from 1960 - 1990 (Spanish)

The thesis Engraving in bibliophile editions held in Madrid between
1960 - 1990, examines the outlook for Madrid recorded during these three decades,
focusing on the bibliophile editions illustrated with original artwork.

History artist Book

Spanish translation of the work published in Cursus Isabelle Jameson (electronic publication of students from the School of Library and
Information Sciences-EBSI-University of Montreal. This handbook texts produced within the framework of courses EBSI).
Isabelle Jameson is licensed since 2005 in Information Science with a dissertation in the specialty of library science. Worked for several months in
setting Radio-Canada news. Since October 2005, is employed in the City of Montreal as a librarian in the youth section and responsible
Animation Library intercultural. His main professional interests: children's literature and its mediation.

El grabado en las Ediciones de bibliofilia realizadas en Madrid 1960-1990 (Spanish)