Printmaking in Solarplate

Solarplate is a relatively new technique in the area of printmaking, which has slowly been gaining audience with the great wealth of possibilities for both analog and digital application which offers; besides its physical benefits is a material easy to use developer noble in water and the environment....

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Characteristics of acid etching


The acid is perhaps the main protagonist of the technique of etching. During its long coexistence of more than five hundred years with the recorders, has been respected, loved, needed and now, for reasons of sustainability, is repudiated by many giving way to less toxic substances and other pollutants....

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Lithography demostration

Lithography demostration in aluminium plate...

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Palestra Caligrafia- Cláudio Gil (Portuguese)

Roundtable creative environment to calligraphy and the world around it...

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The Code of Ethics of Multiple works (spanish only)


A comienzos del siglo XXI y por imperio del maravilloso desarrollo de las tecnologías de punta y de los nuevos materiales industriales, el Arte múltiple de edición limitada debe consolidar sus métodos de registro editorial. Todas las ediciones limitadas, sean de Arte gráfico, Arte cerámico, Arte...

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Solar plate etching

Photopolymer plates have been used in industry for several decades, writers such as Dan Welden (represented in one of the videos) have been responsible for pioneering its use in the engraving. A series of industrial size plates available (some cheaper than others.) The process has similarities with Intaglio...

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