Wood types

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The types of timber were a unique expression of the great geographical and commercial expansion that occurred during the nineteenth century. With these new products were announced, new routes, political candidates, government proclamations, etc., since most were created as types for publicity. Wood types were conducted in a more meaningful way in the U.S. than in Europe because of its economic power, amount of goods and raw material availability.

In 1828 the
New York printer Darius Wells out in the first sheet of wood species samples the advantage of these metal on ".. these types (wood) are made with a machine that gives a perfect surface and a precise and uniform height, while the larger types have a slightly concave metal surface and also the ease with which to break through the middle and the descenders is something obvious and types of wood is also something that the printers will appreciate, especially if they live far from the smelters. The use of wood types, as presented in this sheet are more convenient in many respects than metal and more durable and with a significant lower cost.


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