Lithography process

In this video which show us from the center of Buenos Aires Edició Grafica will guide us through every phase of the technical process of lithography. We give a very accurate data which constitutes the prceso, materials for grain, drawing, ...

It is mentioned that the quarries of Bavaria were the only ones used in the lithographic process, a fact which must be added that around 1860 he was extracting more stones in quarries all over Europe, Fracese quarries include Le Vigan, marbles Portuguese , although in Spain we can highlight Soria and Burgos quarries where stones were also used. All those were not of a quality comparable to Germany but if the work was of great delicacy were quite valid, yet in these stones came to editing works of large format signage in which the most abundant was the spot color . This was a response from publishers to limit the size of Germany and the expensive stones that were, by the high demand they had during the era of splendor and the high cost of transportation. It is also important to mention the Mexican marbles used in the Graphic Arts Center La Ceiba, discovered by the investigations of artist Per Anderson


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