My creed or praise of "Beau Meter

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The engraver profession is in this century in danger of disappearing. Photochemical processes, "drab images without soul", the victory of the computer and audiovisual erased all traces of handmade paper. It has long documentary imagery and utility ignores the work of the engraver. Indeed. This revolution also includes the picture of pure essence we are trying to save the image banal and everyday. This evolution is encoded now in a very strong aesthetic. It is above all a celebration of personality. What explains the artist less interested in presenting it. The correction about the anatomy, proportions, perspective, are merit side, almost a curse. He blames the grammar of the coldness of mediocre works.
The outbreak of archaisms is emphasized, as well as ignorance and misleading false naivete. This academicism backwards is accompanied by a backward handwriting. Under the guise of creative freedom let it run a hand does not know what to say, you avoid deleting an error, three lines rather poorly drawn a correct line, the contour lines on pass, overlapping planes; garapatos like are only intended as apathy. Actually no one realizes that this spontaneity of fashion is just a new form of "manufacturing."
Al final detail is met to avoid one with a large black spot or, conversely, with a few feet of fly or some unwinding lost in a white sheet, leaving the paper - Good devil ... ! - The task of suggesting to the rest. Very little is missing to fall into nothingness and announcing to the press.
Fortunately when a fad has hit the barriers of imagination will always remain artists continue shaping their impressions through the traditional techniques that made the picture "the most perfidious" in the arts of design.
How important is freedom of writing if you have had to sacrifice the accuracy of the forms and values? What merit is its brevity if not tell us anything? What is rare and valuable is found in the same freedom with science work, sobriety with substance, intelligence and love of poetry with beautiful materials and compliance with good tools.
I aspire to one day achieve these goals and in the meantime I commend them and all who practice the "beau métier" recording.

François Maréchal

PS: this text already have some years, but as the artist himself, is to be published by the validity of its content and its reaffirmation of everything in the expressed therein, according to his words.


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