News: 05/2010


Graciela Marotta

The artist Graciela Argentina Marotta, shows us the way they work and how to understand and apply artistic production...

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Approach to monotype


The monotype as defined in the Dictionary of Drawing and Engraving is "Estampa which is transferred by contact painted or drawn image on a rigid support when the pigment is still fresh. From the point of view not only art but also of language, the monotype is halfway between painting, drawing and graphic...

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“The Artist’s Book-As Idea and Form”


THERE is no doubt that the artist's book has become a developed artform in the 20th century. In many ways it could be argued that the artist's book is the quintessential 20th century artform. Artists' books appear in every major movement in art and literature and have provided a unique means of realizing...

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