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Los libros alternativos: una tésis,

"El libro palabra que al pronunciarse con los ojos nos cuenta en esa sola emisión visual la historia universalcompleta." [1 ] El libro, durante más de cinco mil años ha sido el instrumento que ha permitido la transmisión de experiencia y conocimiento entre pueblos y culturas diferentes, desde...

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Artist book, an alternative


The whole art of the twentieth century reflects the struggle to broaden the concept of a work of art. And there doubt that artistic expression in book form is included in one of his conquests paramount in the artist's book called, as pointed out by Robert C. Morgan, is not an art book or a book to be...

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“The Artist’s Book-As Idea and Form”


THERE is no doubt that the artist's book has become a developed artform in the 20th century. In many ways it could be argued that the artist's book is the quintessential 20th century artform. Artists' books appear in every major movement in art and literature and have provided a unique means of realizing...

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What is a book artist or an art book?


Just a quick look at this exhibition to show that it is a question not easy, there is an immense variety, both in form and content within the medium. While some books contain only words and some only illustrations, most combine the two. The materials simple, cheap and, consequently, ephemeral, certain...

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“The Artist’s Book


The artist's book is a work of art, made mostly or entirely by an artist. It is a form of expression, a symbiosis of many possible combinations of different languages and communication systems. In a journey through the history of art, from prehistory to the present day, we find many works from all...

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Video documentary on the origins of printing and the development of the printed book....

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